Saturday, June 27, 2009

Just When I'm Wondering If I Have Any Friends Left...

I had a voicemail message from Vince, a call I couldn't get in the woods where phone service sometimes just sucks. I called him back when we came back into town. Our conversation went something like this:

Me: Sorry I couldn't get your call. What's up?
Vince: I wanted to offer to give you a ride to this thing the Peace Council is doing in Thorndon Park, inviting folks to read their favorite poetry in an all-day event of Peace and Poetry.
Me: Sounds great. When is it?
Vince: Well, it was yesterday.
Me: Damn! I'm sorry I missed it!
Vince: I went.
Me: Was it wonderful?
Vince: It was. A great day.
Me: Did you have trouble deciding whose poetry to read?
Vince: No. I took my copy of "Taking Heart" and read your poems.

Thanks, Vince, for leaving me speechless, something we know doesn't happen very often.


garnett109 said...

what a great friend vince is

Denise said...

How incredibly lovely.