Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Update on the Foxes

I find it odd that this summer we have foxes living in an abandoned camper near us….the summer I’ve been reading Lillian Hellman’s plays, including The Little Foxes, memoirs and autobiographies.
They are not so little now….and they seem to have dwindled from six to four. When it rains they huddle somewhere. But when the sun returns, they wander all around the campground, playing and romping around in the sunshine. They have no fear of campers, dogs, cars, etc. I sometimes worry about this.

We call 9:15 PM “the fox hour” now. At our guest camper we have a spotlight that comes on at dark and shines on a flagpole. Moths and other bugs are drawn to this light. I’d noticed that the iris and ferns planted near this light had been getting trampled and one night we discovered that the foxes like to sit beneath this lamp, jump up and catch the insects. Seems our light is their Nice ‘n’ Easy stop for snacks on their evening hunt. We can almost set our watches by them. Hubby and I sneak out on our deck and watch them, whispering…..but they know we are there, and they don’t care. They munch on the bugs awhile and then head down the hill for tastier fare.
Rupert longs to go play with them. Some afternoons, when he has barked and run from one end of the camper to the other begging for release, I wonder if I’m being mean by not releasing him and letting him run with them for a day or two. Naw…..

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