Friday, January 23, 2009

Yeah Oscar!

Richard Jenkins won an Oscar nomination for Best Actor! That's almost as good as the change in the White House for me!

OK, you've forgotten my raving about him in a post about a hundred posts ago when I asked you all to watch the movie "The Visitor" which still holds its spot as my favorite movie. It sums up immigration issues. And Richard Jenkins DESERVES an Oscar...although in my wildest dreams I never imagined his name ever appearing on a ballot because this isn't the type of movie that is usually acknowledged. His performance is understated and masterful. And he physically and emotionally reminds me of my father, in every moment of this film. The ending will stay with you.

I once again urge you to watch this movie and I dare you not to be moved by Richard Jenkin's performance.

Congratulations to you, Mr. Jenkins. I shouted out loud when I read the list of nominees and then cried tears of joy.

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