Sunday, March 8, 2009


It's all around me. Surgery scars are becoming less vivid. Muscles remember old habits and have lost some of the screech of misery. Every day tasks have retained some of the ease expected. Sidewalks have lost the crust of ice that has made walking Rupert a treacherous journey. The taste of fear that we'll end up adding injury to injury is leaving our mouths....slowly but certainly as that's a crocus peeking up beneath the bushes by the porch. And as I type this my first robin of the season is perched on the tree outside my window.

Now....if only hearts would begin to heal. Two of those I hold most dear have had heart breaking ordeals over the winter, struggling with doing the right thing and following the tug of the heart strings. Head vs. heart. An eternal battle. A necessary battle.

Had I not been through such trials myself, I would never have been able to understand what Chris brought to my life....after 47 years of searching. We never have to "work" at our relationship. It is what it is. It works all on it own. We care for one another, we take care of one another. And it's more or less effortless. We heal one another.

Hang in there, my two "D"'s. To everything there is a season.

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garnett109 said...

I haven't seen a robin yet but my neighbor's rose bushes are starting to turn green.