Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Letter to Turning Stone Casino

Dear Showroom Events Manager,

My husband and I, frequent guests at your Showroom and the Events Center, were extremely disappointed by Art Garfunkel's performance and arrogance on Thursday evening when he had the audacity to ask a handicapped individual in his audience to stop making "noise". We wish we had followed those guests out of the concert, and we are hoping that you graciously refunded them the price of their tickets for the performance they were made to feel too embarrassed to continue to sit through with their handicapped companion.

Your showroom is a delightful venue, has beautiful acoustics, and we have never seen an unworthy event there, until last Thursday evening. We urge you NEVER to invite Art Garfunkel to your stage again. Certainly your customers, especially your handicapped customers, deserve talent driven by more than ego.

Robin Butler and Christopher Jestin


garnett109 said...

Great Letter ,well done

gwarslaveus said...

My wife and I attended this show and could not believe the comments that were made.When he said what he did my wife turned to me and said Is he serious ? I said I thought so and we both got up and left. When we reached the door we where told we couldn't leave till the song was over , which I think is considered false imprisonment.Anyhow I couldn't believe more people didn't follow us .Being the parents of a RETT syndrome girl we really could feal for the person who was singled out. What makes us the maddest is the fact that I truly believe the person was showing there appreciation for the jerk

Sunny said...

gwarslaveus.....thank you for leaving!