Thursday, March 19, 2009


Folks laughed at us in the waiting room prior to Chris's knee surgery a few weeks ago when we wrote "wrong knee" on his left knee. (Remember...I worked in health care administration for twenty years. I know all too well that folks make mistakes in all kinds of jobs.)

Hubby's surgery went well and his recovery was smooth. His post-op appointment was this week. He is anxious to have his other knee done now.

The medical assistant we've seen several times now ushered us into an exam room. She's very bubbly, asked all the right questions regarding hubby's level of pain, etc. She sat him down in the chair, spent a few seconds reviewing his chart and then looked him straight in the eye and said:

"Well, it seems that you're able to move your shoulder really well after your surgery."

Hubby played along, moving his shoulder briskly to show her how easy it was for him to rotate it in every direction while asking if she had the right chart. She said yes of course she had the right chart and then he had to tell her that his knee was doing pretty well, too. The assistant turned several shades of red and quickly left the room muttering, "I'm glad you're doing so well," or something like that.

You can be absolutely certain that when they schedule his surgery for his other knee, we'll be writing "wrong knee" on his good knee again. Just to be safe.

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