Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mark Zane Gets a SAMMY Nomination!

Syracuse has a very lively music's one of the good reasons to live here that offsets the horrible weather. A local newspaper, The Syracuse New Times, presents their annual version of the Grammy awards called the SAMMY (Syracuse Area Music) awards. And as many artists will tell you, being nominated is a big deal.

And Mark Zane has been nominated in the "Best Americana" category for his "American Hunger" CD!

He has some stiff competition. I'm hopeful at least one of the judges may have read Richard Wright and taken the time to really listen to Mark's lyrics; if so, they will know that this CD is the only possible winner in this category. As I've been saying here all along, this CD deserves to be heard. When I learned of Mark's nomination, I was dancing around our music was the best news I'd had all day! I'm wondering if I can bribe the judges with chocolate chip cookies, but I think Mark's songs will work their own magic.

Congratulations, Mark! We'll be keeping our fingers and toes crossed that your name is called during the awards show on Friday, June 5th during the Taste of Syracuse Festival in Clinton Square. We hope to be there!

Listen to a song or two from "American Hunger" at http//www.

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