Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Songwriters Spin Magic at Sparkytown

Yes, it was a magical evening in Sparky's dining room last night. The circle of songwriters, guitars resting on their laps in between songs, celebrated their creativity. I was reminded of Mary Chapin Carpenter's term "dashboard poets" as the lyrics shared last night tugged at my poetic senses. How privileged I felt to be surrounded by those who hone words with such loving care until they've found the perfect fit, who struggle and sift through the pile of choices, listening to each syllable until finally all the heads nod and you know that's "it".

I am totally in awe of their musical abilities...even though several of those in attendance who play tell me they haven't been playing for very long. It always sounds glorious to me, no matter the style. I tend to drift through their discussions about where the addition of a bridge might be good or whether the chord should be a G or an A minor or whatever....although last night I did get a good chuckle over someone saying that instead of a bridge they might consider adding a tunnel or an exit ramp.

As usual, there was one performance that knocked my socks off, unexpectedly, both lyrically and with it's funky melody that I'm still humming in my head this morning. I can't wait to share the lyrics with my writing's a poem I'm jealous I didn't write first.

Chris and I felt a part of the group last night. It's taken a few meetings for this to happen, for we are definite outsiders, non-performers. We are enjoying getting to know these folks and our spirited discussions. The laughter here is real. The criticism is honest, even if not always taken to heart. I find myself thinking "That's a little harsh" and then "but it's true" and hoping that the writer will reflect and revise, for revision always makes us better writers, whether we write songs or poetry, the great American novel or political advertisements.

What I don't like about the songwriters night -- especially when it falls on the same Tuesday as one of my writing group meetings as it did yesterday -- is that I can never seem to fall asleep easily because I am so inspired to write afterwards that I toss and turn for hours.

I should just tell them all "thank you".

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garnett109 said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun