Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Such Fun Was Had By All

Plowshares was a blast, indeed.
This is my friend's son, Dawson, modeling one of my hand-knit hats; he was about the only one sleeping through the weekend.
Here's my very favorite step-brother Rick and his beautiful lady friend, Donna, modeling the hat she bought from me. We had such fun going out to dinner with them after the craft fair was over!

And then hubby modeling one of my stocking caps....note our friend Bob laughing in the background. Bob and his wife, Jane, bake treats for cats and dogs and have the booth behind us. We laughed the "down time" away....though there wasn't much of that.
I'm already looking forward to next year!
Thanks to Katherine for these last two photos, to darling Emily for working for us on Sunday and to the woman who called her mother who then came in and once again bought every rag rug I had with me and to everyone who stopped by to chat. Peace to all.


sunny's other half said...

What can I say? When I look good, I look GOOD!!!!

garnett109 said...

You look good in that stocking hat!