Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Yesterday my husband said to me, "If you get bored today, you can stain this piece of wood for me."

Bored? What's that feel like? I have to admit to never feeling that way in my entire life, with the exception of an occasional staff meeting in the past. This may have something to do with the fact that my family never allowed us to say we were bored; such mutterings meant a rake or a broom was placed in your hands or you were given potatoes to peel or told to go wash the car. We taught ourselves to be occupied and busy.

Even though I'm no longer working an outside-of-the-house job, my days are more than full. I never find myself wandering from room to room wondering what will I do next. I'm always knitting something or writing something or cooking something or cleaning something. And then there's dog walking and ball tossing. A new book to read. Music to listen to. And those rare times there is something decent to watch on television, although this is always a last resort for me. Pricing my knit goods for an upcoming craft fair and Internet research on agents takes up a chunk of time, too. Occasionally a friend drops in and solving the problems of the world, or at least neighborhood problems such as what contrast paint Joan should use on the Victorian next door that's being painted now....well, I just don't have time to be bored. And, no, I didn't get to stain that piece of wood. I didn't have time.

Actually, I think I might like to feel bored, just once.

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garnett109 said...

Pass that peice of wood here please I'm Bored!
have a great day.