Friday, October 31, 2008

No Halloween Here

We're turning off the lights tonight. No costumes, no candy to hand out. No volunteering this year at the church the neighborhood kids take their candy to for inspection. No pumpkins on the porch. Nothing. Why? Is it because we're just sick and tired of years of Halloweening? Is it because the holiday has become overly commercialized? Or that we wonder what value there is in teaching children to beg for candy? Or have we just become two old, self-centered grouches?


Today is our friend's birthday. She shouldn't have to share HER day with anyone or anything else. Yes, Denise is just that special.

Happy Birthday, Denise.


garnett109 said...

We use to get alot of kids here ,but the past few years no kids come so we will sit and watch tv in peace and quite

Denise said...

Oh Thank You!!!!!!!