Friday, October 3, 2008

A Fresh Start.....

When AOL announced they were closing down the journals....where this blog was previously located....I thought I'd stop doing it. I began it as a way to keep in touch with friends (and that worked) and perhaps make some new friends (a couple people read it). It also became a "duty"....I'd always be thinking of what I could post next. I thought I would rid myself of that....and then I was haunted because I wasn't saying anything. Jeesh. Make up my mind.

I wanted to call a new blog "Intarsia"...but the name had been taken. What's that mean? It is a noun meaning a mosaic usually made of wood fitted into a support, the art or process of making such a mosaic, and a colored design knitted on both sides of a fabric, as in a sweater.

Aren't we all mosaics....hopefully with support and colorful designs to our lives?

I am a writer who also knits; a wife, mother and step-mother; grandmother and daughter-in-law; a member of the Green Street Writers Group; a former Human Resources Director; a lover of dogs, nature and music; a sister, a friend and a favorite cousin; a gardener and a pretty decent cook. Not necessarily in that order. Oh, yeah, and I have a seizure disorder and some tiny tumors in my brain that often create chaos in my life.

What will I write about here? All of the above and I did in my AOL journal. If you read me there, thanks for reading again. If you're new, welcome. Sip a cup of tea with me as I share with you my angst about an upcoming poetry reading I'll be doing at our neighborhood bookstore, what's happening in the writers group, how much I miss my friend Denise, the latest trick we've taught Rupert the Wonder Dog, where hubby and I are vacationiing, and an occasional picture of my latest knitted creation.


Denise said...

Hello!!!! and so glad you decided to keep posting! I miss you too and want to know Rupert's newest trick!

garnett109 said...

How do I follow your blog,to keep you on my readers list?