Friday, October 17, 2008

A Morning Walk

As I've not been well lately, Christopher has taken Rupert on his morning walk alone while I tried to get more sleep. I've missed these early morning walks.

This morning I crept out of bed and let Chris sleep; he's taken today off to help me prepare for the party but he's getting a bit of a head cold. Rupert is most happy when we all walk together, but this morning he seemed happy to have me to himself.....maybe he thought we'd be going into the woods or something.

Rupert walks well unless there is a dog he doesn't like or a person who's yelling or acting weird. No issues this morning; he even walked past a cat who hides in the bushes and sometimes jumps out at us.

There's a young boy who waits for the bus at the five corners. Last year he was a little scared of Rupert. We worked on becoming friends. Nassier (that's probably not he spells it) is quiet and just cute as a button. He is in the third grand, likes spelling and hates his sister. A very normal kid. I love it that when I say "good morning", he says it back and then tells me something else that he's been doing: "I got a B on my book report." or "My sister hid my shoes from me." or "We're having pizza for lunch today." And he tells other people they're "stupid" to be afraid of dogs.

This morning Nassier was at the five corners, his backpack by his side, patiently waiting for his bus. At the crosswalk I made Rupert sit; Nassier waved to us from across the street and Rupert's butt began a twitching. Nassier takes a later bus this year and we haven't seen as much of him.

We crossed the street and Rupert calmly walked over to Nassier and sat right beside him as if I'd told him to do so. Nassier, still looking for his school bus, reached his hand down to scratch Rupert's head. For at least a minute, they stayed like that. For some reason it made me tear up a bit. And then the bus appeared. "OK, Rupert," Nassier said, "Have a nice day."

It was one of those rare Norman Rockwell moments, and a fine way to begin what will be a busy day for me.


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Denise said...

Oh what a lovely start to the day!