Monday, October 6, 2008

How Did We Do That?

Somehow hubby and I managed to get both campers closed up all by ourselves, including hooking up the air compressor to blow any water out of the pipes before adding anti-freeze, making sure everything is tucked away for the winter, and securing two gigantic blue tarps over each camper.

Yep, we did it all alone.......two short, fat, nearing 60 old hippies who were also just slightly hung over from being out the night before and already exhausted from staying up past our bedtime. We almost put it off for another week.....but we're ruled by the weather this time of year and needed to get these chores done before it was too cold and/or too wet.

We work so well together. It took us five hours...but they seemed to fly by and we were able to do everything we needed to do....except I forgot to grab my walking boots. I remembered the bathing suits -- I'm so hoping we can cruise again this winter.

As we were hauling stuff around and climbing up on rooftops, etc., we remembered all the folks who stayed with us over the seemed as though someone was there every weekend. And that as wonderful....we sure aren't complaining about that.....but where's everyone when there's work to be done?

For the first time since we've had this spot, I was glad to walk away and head back to the city. Too much work this year and not enough down time to just walk in the woods or fish or sit in the sun. I'm certain it won't be long though before I'm desperately wishing to be back there.

Anyway, we're home for good now, tucked into the convenience of having most everything we need within walking distance. And it's pouring rain today, so I'm just going to hunker down and do some laundry. If my aching muscles will let me lift the laundry basket.....I can't believe we did all that work ourselves. But we did! What a team we are, hubby and I!


Denise said...

Oh I wish I could have been there to help...
You two ARE an amazing team.

garnett109 said...

two old hippie campers, man got to love you both, debbie and i had a camper for 4 years gave it up due to health problems on my part.
we love camping

Sunny said...

Thanks so much for reading.....and I invite you all to come help us next year....and to visit, too, of course!