Thursday, October 16, 2008


The poetry reading at Lavender Inkwell is in three days. I've cleaned the apartment and set up tables for the wine and food we'll be serving. What a menu: my homemade little meatballs, ME's hot crab dip made with crab she brought back from a recent trip to Maine, luscious dessert treats ME's sister is making, deviled eggs, fruit with chocolate sauce, crustinis with fresh tomato relish.....the list goes.

This afternoon Jeffrey is coming to coach me on the delivery of a couple of my poems...ones that are most important for me to read "right". In addition to his writing, Jeffrey is an actor. I'm hoping to learn a lot from him that can only help me on Saturday. I'm hoping Mary Ellen drops in....she's just starting to get nervous. I've been nervous for so long now that it's just like wearing a necklace that I never take off.

I have to make a chunk of ice to float in the punch bowl, wash the wine glasses, vacuum another time, and then hunt down bones that Rupert has scattered all over the place. I picked up at least seven two days ago.....this morning more have appeared from whatever hiding place he's found for them. It's as if he's trying to let me know he's still in control. As if there was ever any doubt.

I'm not worried about people coming....I'm almost afraid we'll have too many folks. I'm not worried about having things ready because most everything already awaits. The more I read the poems I've selected, the better I like them. I even have a vague idea of what I'm going to least I know I'm putting on my green, high-top sneakers. I hope we run out of books...we have 42 left to sell. I already have orders for 16. The bookstore folks did get a notice into the Syracuse New Times about the reading, but not The Post Standard. And the neighborhood is a buzz.....although one person we know and begrudgingly invited....known as Dimwit in previous posts....can't wait to come....only because she knows it's the only way she will get to see the inside of our apartment. Dimwit could care less about supporting us as writers from the writing group she was once a part of or as neighbors....she's just nosy. My brother is coming with his wife AND his girlfriend. Some other friends I haven't seen all summer have said they're coming. Even my hairdresser is coming....and bringing a friend or two!

My hair is cut....almost all one length again. Maria "corrected" what I'd done to my bangs without scolding me. And my new glasses -- silver, almost circular hippie frames -- are wonderful. I'll really be able to see what I'm reading!

I'm not nervous any more. I'm actually getting excited.

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Denise said...

I will be invisibly standing right next to you. Squeeze my hand if you need to!