Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Employee of the Month?

This is one of my Barbie heads....I use it to display my knitted items at the annual craft fair, Plowshares, sponsored by the Syracuse Peace Council every first weekend in December. She's wearing a lovely beret and neck warmer, hand knit by yours truly.

Four of these doll heads -- two Barbies and two Bratz -- sit on the bookcase directly behind my desk. My office is set up in true Gemini fashion: half for writing, half for knitting. When I am writing, these four heads are directly behind me.

OK, I have to admit it.....I find myself talking to them during the day. I haven't actually named them yet. And, no, Denise....they've yet to talk back. I'll let you know when that day comes.

Yesterday I was showing someone I used to work with around the apartment. I pointed to the heads and said, "These lovely ladies are my new staff." She laughed, but I was almost serious. They are the perfect employees: never show up late, leave early or call in sick; never talk back or rebel at any hair brained idea I have; always smile at me; never ask for a raise or feel the need to discuss at length a personal problem I'd rather not even hear.

Seems as if there might be a TV sitcom in the making.....


Denise said...

Hey, I love your banner! It is sooo funny to think of you owning anything Barbie or Bratz!

garnett109 said...

Have a great day

Sunny said...

well, I raised a couple of brats, does that count?
thanks for reading!